Thursday, 22 November 2012

Quebec City III - Cirque du Soleil

Nothing like a free Cirque du Soleil show to make us happy!!

The show was AMAZING. Even if it made me feel weak, unfit and extremely uncoordinated haha. They have the most incredible strength and were able to flip themselves and each other around like crazy!!

We stood in a huge mass of people for what seemed like ages as we waited to be let into the area – then we became cattle, trying to force our way through a small area into a small area. People get so pushy in that kind of situation – glad I didn’t fall and get stampeded!

We waited for a while and then suddenly lights started going on and flashing and a spotlight followed a crazy looking man around the crowd. He made his way through, peering at people and taking notes. He started right at Will, who managed to get a good picture! Someone gave him an iPhone which he looked at and seemed impressed and then he put it in his pocket and kept going! It was pretty funny. He had flying goggles on his head and big glasses and was dressed in mad professor type clothing crossed with aviator from the 1920s!!! (The guy got his phone back too btw)

I especially liked the two girls who were on the high swings – they were great! I must admit, I was worried every time they flung themselves or each other out into the air – but they were always caught, even if it was just by the other girl’s calves!!

It was standing room for most of the audience, except for the VIPS who probably paid for their seats (why, when you get the same show for free??), and as we were on a slight hill, I was actually able to see most of what was going on!

The rough story of the performance was it’s about a boy who was learning the piano and not really wanting to, and then all kinds of crazy stuff happened around him. Lots of dancing and music and people running around, climbing up poles, jumping on a very bouncy trampoline, tap dancing and other cool stuff! 

P.S. This post took ages to put together because we took so many pictures and it was hard to discard some!!

What is this strange creature? - he thinks looking at Will...
An I what?

Continuing with the crazy light show, this was on the walk back to the van!